Fight with wild Burritos

To fight against wild Burritos you must navigate the entire map until you find one.
Once you find one, a warning will be displayed where we can choose whether to fight or not, in case of fleeing the combat we can continue navigate normally for the map, but if we decide to enter the combat then we will have to finish or give up the battle.
Once inside the combat, depending on the speed of each Burrito it will be the one who attacks first, the battle consists of a turn-based system, where we will have to choose between a weak attack and a heavy one (maximum 3) or in the case of defending we can use up to a maximum of 3 shields to evade the attack, this process will be repeated until some Burrito loses the battle.
In the case of not wanting to fight, then we can choose to surrender, so a window will be displayed warning that giving up the battle will cost one life of our Burrito.
In the event that our Burrito is the winner, based on the levels of the burritos that fought, it will be the reward obtained in $STRW Tokens.
If we lose the fight, our burrito will lose a life and we will receive only 300 $STRW Tokens.