A long time ago, in a meadow far far away, there lived a society of burritos that shared in peace among others.

Burritos have a long peaceful period, where they have time to train and build their society. Vibrant and healthy where they developed cities, technology and economy. Straw Tokens were created as exchange coins not only for physical goods, but also for services.

With the passing of time, Burrito Citadel, capital of the burrito society, gets its highest standards. It concentrates academics and scientifics from all over the meadow to keep improving the way of burrito life.

As one of its biggest achievements, Burrito Citadel encapsulated fighting energy and aura to energize its community and technology. Consolidated as a green and unlimited source of power, they never suspect that this will awaken ancient mysteries that will change their life forever.

One day, on the Burrito Palooza anniversary, an earthquake released unshaped forms that attacked Burrito Citadel.

Now, with the Burritos society divided, they have to fight to decide the ruler of the meadow and find a way to control ancient power!

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