Values and principles

  1. Decentralization:

    Burrito Battle handles information decentralized to using Near Protocol, which means that it is safer and more transparent for users since all transactions carried out within the application are recorded within the blockchain.

  2. Fun gaming experience:

    You can access various game modes and cooperate with other players or fight against them to level up and increase the statistics of your burritos.

  3. Sovereign digital property:

    To start playing Burrito Battle, the user simply has to log in with their NEAR Wallet ID, without having to provide their personal information, in addition to having full control of the content acquired in this video game.

  4. Community project:

    Burrito Battle is a project carried out by the community for the community, so the ideas that are contributed to grow the project are constantly being taken into account.

    There is also Burrito Dao where all the people who will have the governance token Burrito Battle Token (BRBT) can be proposing and voting for changes to the application.

  5. Open Source Software:

    Burrito battle is open source, which means anyone can download and use the app code.

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