$STRW Token - Distribution

Each time a player wins a battle in Burrito Battle he wins a quantity of $STRW tokens.
Depending on the level of burrito you defeat is the amount of $STRW you get.
X = Your Opponent Burrito Level
Y=Your Burrito Level
[Y<10] #STRW Tokens = 500*(X/Y)
[10<=Y<=14] #STRW Tokens = 1000 *(X/Y)
[15<=Y<=19] #STRW Tokens = 1500 *(X/Y)
[20<=Y<=24] #STRW Tokens = 2500 *(X/Y)
[25<=Y<=29] #STRW Tokens = 4000 *(X/Y)
[30<=Y<=34] #STRW Tokens = 5000 *(X/Y)
[35<=Y<=39] #STRW Tokens = 5500 *(X/Y)
[Y=40] #STRW Tokens = 6000
If you lose: 300 $STRW
  • You can only fight with burritos in the same range of Y.
  • The maximum level of burritos is 40.
Examples in case you win a battle:
  • Your level 4 Burrito Vs Your opponent level 8 burrito - 1000 $STRW tokens.
  • Your level 14 Burrito Vs Your opponent level 12 burrito - 857 $STRW tokens.
  • Your level 25 Burrito Vs Your opponent level 28 burrito - 4480 $STRW tokens.
  • Your level 40 Burrito Vs Your opponent level 40 burrito - 6000 $STRW tokens
Another way to get $STRW Tokens is to buy a mystery box from the merchant once every 24 hours with which you can get a random amount between 1,000 and 10,000 $STRW Tokens.
When the players using these tokens for operations within the game, 95% are burned and the other 5% go to the treasury, in order to control the supply of tokens and preserve their value.