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Participate in Incursion

To participate in a raid we must first access the meadow.
We must look for the coliseum area and approach it to interact.
If there is an active Incursion we will be shown the details of the players that are already inside, if there is space then we can register one of our Burritos by clicking on the "Select Burrito" button, up to a maximum of 10 players can participate in each Incursion.
We will be shown a window where we must select one of our Burritos to participate in the Incursion.
Now we just have to wait for the Incursion to start, once this time is over we will be redirected to the battle.
Once inside the battle, we will follow the same dynamics as the battle against wild burritos, we will have to choose what type of attack to carry out or in case of defending we choose if we want to use one of our shields. The life of the "Mega Burrito" will be shared between all players, so the more players participating, will be more likely to beat the "Mega Burrito".
At the end of the Incursion, a message will be displayed mentioning that the coliseum was destroyed by the battle and that we will have to wait a while for it to be rebuilt and be able to participate again.
A last window will be shown where it will tell us that to recover our Burrito we must click "Accept", in case of winning the Incursion then we will also be granted the rewards, these depend on the damage by our Burrito done to the "Mega Burrito".