Game modes

Burrito Battle has various game mechanics, among which are:
  • Wild Burritos (PvE): Throughout the map wild burritos of equal or higher levels up to a maximum of 3 will appear randomly, with which you can fight. Rewards obtained in this game mode will depend on the level of the burrito with which you battled. If you lose the battle, your burrito will lose a life and you will get only 300 $STRW tokens of reward.
  • Incursions (PvE): This game mode will allow you and up to nine other players to cooperate together to beat a mega burrito with high stats in a determined time. You can get great rewards by winning an incursion which depends on the damage you did during the battle. If all players lose the incursion then the Burrito used by each player loses all their lives and will get 30% of the paid registration $STRW tokens. Burritos used in incursion cannot be used in other game modes until the incursion ends.
  • Merchant Burritos: Merchant burrito will help you obtain important elements of the game and will appear randomly on the map, so we will have to locate it in different places every day. With the merchant burrito we will be able to buy $STRW Tokens once every 24 hours and also we will be able to acquire positions to restore our characteristics in battle.
  • Silo: In this section of the game, players will be able to pay an amount of NEARS and $STRW tokens to mint new burritos and be able to use them in combat and other game modes. Each burrito will be generated randomly, that is, each of its attributes will have a random score as well as its type, which will serve to have an advantage or disadvantage against other burritos.
  • Barn: Also players can consult the burritos that have no lives with the possibility of reviving them and if any of their burritos have 10 victories they can be evolved to increase their statistics.
Coming soon:
  • Hospital: Players will be able to access this area of the game to leave their burritos with their life counter at 0 for a set amount of time to restore their health and return that counter to 5. The hospital will have a lodging of up to 3 capsules per player for burritos that need to restore their health, each of these capsules will cost $STRW Tokens. Once the time has passed to restore the health of a burrito, you will be able to recover it and leave room for another one.
  • Burrito Fortress (PvP): Burrito Fortress PvP is a game system based in turns. This game mode will allow battles between players. Each one can choose one of their burritos. At the end of the battle, the player with the winning burrito will $STRW tokens of rewards, and the losing player burrito will lose one of their lives.